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 How We Work

The Center for Conscious Eldering is unique in its comprehensive approach to helping people consciously prepare for elderhoods of fulfillment, purpose and service. On this page we will explain how the signature nature-based format of our work supports the journey toward conscious elderhood, and tell you about the results our clients have reported.

Our Unique “Nature-Based” Approach

It is in the natural world that humans can most easily remember that which is authentic and natural in ourselves, and thus gain an eagle’s eye view of our place and potential in the larger web of life. That is why, since time immemorial, at critical turning points in life people have retreated to wilderness places to focus and intensify their quests for understanding their purpose and the gifts they carry to fulfill this calling. They have returned from the natural world renewed and with new insight into how best to contribute in the next stages of their lives.

Ron Pevny, M.A. the founder of The Center for Conscious Eldering, has a nearly 40-year history as a guide of nature-based rite of passage experiences for individuals and organizations in transition. He and his colleagues have a deep, experiential understanding of the power of the natural world to open hearts and minds.

A uniqueness of The Center for Conscious Eldering lies in our nature-based approach to supporting the development of conscious elders in touch with their wisdom, gifts and callings. Our signature Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreats, weekend Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention and Passion workshops, and Meeting Ancient Wisdom pilgrimages include extensive time out of doors in inspiring natural settings.

In all of our work, your physical, emotional and spiritual safety and well-being is our prime concern. No serious injuries have ever been sustained on retreats and quests guided by Ron Pevny and his colleagues.

The work you do with us may at times not be easy. True growth never is. You will become aware of beliefs and ways of being that will need to be shed or transformed along the path to elderhood. You may well encounter both darkness and light. But, if you are like so many of those we serve, you will find your experience with The Center for Conscious Eldering to be a time of joyous recognition and affirmation of your vast potential as a conscious elder.

What Our Clients Get From Working With Us

Those who work with us:

  • Experience a significant shift in how they view aging in general, and their own senior years in particular. Common outcomes include newly found (or strengthened) optimism and excitement about the potentials and possibilities of this stage of their lives, and more clarity about how to reach their potential as an elder.
  • Receive guidance, structure and support in doing the important inner work that is critical preparation for a fulfilling elderhood. Such work includes life review to help turn experience into wisdom, and legacy work to identify or clarify the legacy one feels called to leave to the generations that follow. It also includes various processes to help “clean the slate,” to free up energy that’s unproductively tied up with people, beliefs, events and attachments of our past. This makes our energy available to inspire vision for our futures and empower our ability to express our gifts as elders.

  • Include many people who, out of financial necessity or sense of calling are looking for “Encore” careers after retirement from their previous work. We employ powerful, effective tools and processes to help such individuals get in touch with that inner knowing of their “calling” or “purpose”—that form of expression that will provide the most fulfillment for them while also serving the larger community.
  • Reconnect with—or in many cases recognize for the first time—their inner or spiritual selves. The heart of our work with our clients is supporting this connection, because this dimension of our selves is the source of the vision, passion, healing and energy that enable us to shine as the elders we can be.
  • Gain insight, trust and strength to stay in balance amid the inevitable losses that accompany aging. The pain of loss can either dim our light, or can be an opportunity for living and shining ever more fully in the present—a hallmark of a true elder.
  • Experience the power of the natural world to open hearts and minds to compassion and vision for the path ahead.

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