Sonya Watts

We gathered at the Sacred Mountain,
coming from places far away,
bringing with us our trick bags
filled with hopes and dreams,
laughter, tears, doubts, fears,
hearts heavy with grief, or
bodies aching with the
weight of our years.

We carried maps with many
paths and no directions, knowing
we must make a journey,
not knowing how to jumpstart
the voyage.

Our travel agents prepared us
for the trip, knotted us together,
drummed us into community,
pushed us to explore ever deeper into
the Heart of who we really are.

“Be prepared,” they said, and giving
their blessing, they launched each of us
through the Mountain Threshold
into the Great Mysterious. We scattered
to the Four Winds.

Who journeyed into the unknown
while on the Sacred Mountain?

And who returned?


–Sonya Watts

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