Murray Etty

I’ve had many retreat experiences in my life. “Choosing Conscious Elderhood” was one of the best. Many factors made it so: the beautiful wilderness setting in the Foothills of the Rockies; the structure of the Retreat – moving us through the past, present and future of our lives; Ron and Anne’s excellent facilitation, using time-honored tools to create a sense of sacred space and time and help us plumb our psycho-spiritual depths, like drumming, symbolism, poetry and lots of storytelling. They set the tone for our sessions by sharing movingly from their own wealth of life experience. So much of what we did in the course of the week opened our hearts to allow Spirit to move in us, eliciting deeply-held memories and dreams, sharpening our intuition as to what in us needs healing, and opening possibilities on how we can move forward on our life journeys with meaning and purpose.   Murray Etty, retired minister


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