Meg Newhouse

Our Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreat at Ghost Ranch exceeded my already high expectations. The highlight for me was my powerful experience during our solo day on the land. I know it wouldn’t have been possible without Ron and Anne’s inspired leadership and facilitation throughout, including (but not limited to):

  • creating safe, sacred space and cultivating a strong trusting, loving community
  • the careful thought, preparation and sequencing of the program elements
  • our guides’ modeling of conscious elderhood in your authenticity, compassion, joy, and wisdom
  • our guides’ ability to respond so sensitively to each other, each of us, and to unexpected challenges.

It was for me a powerful passage, with its beautiful rituals, its essential witnessing and support through the occasional rough patch, and its great rewards. Amazingly perhaps, the sense of a loving community and the internal transformation have largely stayed with me.   Meg Newhouse, founder of the Life Planning Network

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