Ed Lowe

After reading Ron Pevny’s “Conscious  Living, Conscious Aging” book, I attended a Conscious Eldering retreat at Ghost Ranch in 2016.  Reading Ron’s book and spending seven days with him, Anne Wennhold, and our group of elders was truly a life changing experience. Ron is wise beyond his years, kind, loving and an exceptional communicator. The retreat so impacted my life that I began being mentored by him. He helped me gain the courage to undergo major heart surgery in 12/2016—to understand the potential for the surgery to be a significant and positive part of my personal eldering journey. I could never thank Ron enough for his wise counsel and loving support.   Ed Lowe



Margaret Sarkissian

I worked with Ron Pevny as my coach for several months over this last year as I explored how to shape my retirement in a way that would be fulfilling and meaningful for me. Ron was very helpful in challenging my outdated beliefs and perspectives that were holding me back (such as I’m too old, I don’t know how to do this, I don’t have the “right stuff”, etc.) He reminded me of my strengths, held me accountable when I had difficulty taking a new step, and offered the right combination of encouragement and challenge. Overall, it was a very positive and helpful experience to work with Ron, and I can recommend him as a coach without reservation.  Margaret Sarkissian

Karen Zeller

Over the past several years, Ron has helped me achieve and maintain positive personal change. He’s been the anchor to my true self as I have gone through unemployment, new jobs, major moves (including two overseas) and now as I am in the initial phases of retirement. Every month he has listened to me, made me aware of growth I might not have seen, kept me aware of the differences between my commitments and reality, and given me new tools to achieve my goals.   Karen Zeller, Coaching for Conscious Elderhood client