Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion

Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion

This introductory workshop usually takes place over a weekend, although it can be customized to meet the needs of a sponsoring organization. It provides an opportunity for you to gain both a conceptual understanding of the paradigm for aging called conscious eldering and an experiential understanding of the types of inner work that are important on this path. If at all possible, we offer this workshop in retreat center settings with easy access to natural spaces where much of our time will be spent. Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion focuses on themes such as these:

  • What distinguishes an “elder” from someone who is older
  • The potentials for the elder third of your life to be a time of growth, fulfillment, passion, and service
  • The inner work you need to do to fully claim and embody your potential as you age
  • Why is it important to begin this work  before you retire
  • How you can assure you have meaning and purpose in your elder chapters
  • What attitudes, images and fears and you carry about the aging process
  • What it can mean to be an “elder” in this time of momentous cultural transformation
  • How can a deepened connection with the natural world can support your growth as an elder
  • Why community is critical to wellbeing as we age

Our goal is to have you leave Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion inspired, motivated and committed to entering or moving further along the path toward your conscious elderhood.

We offer several of these weekend workshops each year in locations across North America, usually with logistical support from local people who have experienced our work and want to bring it to their communities. To explore possibilities for you or your organization to sponsor a Conscious Eldering: Aging With Intention & Passion workshop in your area, please give us a call at 970-247-7943.

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At each event page, you can download the event’s flyer and follow the registration instructions. Call Ron Pevny at 970-247-7943 or e-mail him at with any questions.

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