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Conscious aging is a decision. We can accept a view of aging that focuses on losing youth and becoming less productive. Our culture presents this view to us, and many of us settle into it, accepting the idea that we are less valuable than we used to be.

But this is not the majority position, if we look at attitudes across time and space. In many cultures today, and in our own nation’s history, we valued the wisdom and experience of people who had lived long, full lives. Conscious aging recognizes this new-again paradigm of getting older. We have a chance to grow to be wise, experienced elders with plenty to give the world.

The Center for Conscious Eldering offers a range of programs and services for individuals who have made a conscious decision to make the last third of their lives more meaningful. The resources on this page give you a good starting point.

Some of the multimedia offerings below are conversations with Ron Pevny, founder of the Center for Conscious Eldering, and other Center leaders. You’ll also find other organizations that support a richer experience of the final third of life.

Explore these resources. We hope you enjoy them. If they speak to you and you’re ready to take action in your own life, please explore the programs offered by the Center for Conscious Eldering.




Ron Pevny Being Interviewed for the Aging without Borders Summit

Savoring Life: What Conscious Aging Means

Larry Gray’s Ted Talk on Choosing Conscious Elderhood


Audio links

Reclaiming the Wise Ones: Evolution of Elderhood

Mission: Evolution Radio Interview

New Dimensions Radio Interview and New Dimensions Cafe Interiews (scroll down the page)

Conscious Living, Conscious Aging 

Revolutionize Your Retirement

Dorian Mintzer of Boomers and Beyond interviews Ron Pevny and Meg Newhouse

Organizations that support conscious aging

Sage-ing International

 The Elders Action Network (EAN)

More to read

Books that Support Conscious Aging 

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