This page is for blogs written by Center for Conscious Eldering retreat leaders as well as individuals choosing to age consciously and willing to share their perpectives and experiences.  Please read our submission guidelines.

COVID Disciplines as Spiritual Practice

by Arden Mahlberg With social distancing, I am enjoying daily walks in our neighborhood in a new way. Following that ...
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Resistance to Growth is Futile

by Larry Gray Up until a few weeks ago, the global consensus was that climate change is the defining issue ...
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Stages of Aging

by Anne Wennhold When I retired at 70 years of age a physician friend invited me to work with his ...
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Connecting with My Spiritual Ancestors

by Don Adams I am a Capricorn. Like a mountain goat, I love to climb to high places, pinnacles. For ...
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Sun and Snake

by Shaun Dempsey Growing up in a vigorously catholic household had its benefits and challenges. On the one hand I ...
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What do Elders know and why is it still important?

By Dennis Stamper Dennis Stamper is a Commissioned Lay Pastor and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has worked as ...
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Cancer As a Rite of Passage

By Maureen Dobson It was 7 pm and there was a knock on our door.  A colleague had stopped by ...
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What to Do or Who to Be?

By Susan Manning Carolyn Heilbrun, a feminist author, wisely said that when thinking of your future, it is helpful to ...
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Carl’s Legacy

By Anne Wennhold Some years back, while working as a photographer and audio visual specialist in the local hospital, I ...
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