Articles by Ron Pevny

Moving From Who We Have Been to Who We Can Become

By Ron Pevny As someone who is deeply committed to supporting people who feel called to age consciously, the terms ...
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Your Signature Gifts: The Keys to Aliveness and Fulfillment

by Ron Pevny A while back I read an article that for me has catalyzed a lot of reflection on ...
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Envisioning Your Ideal Elderhood: An Inner Journey Toward Wholeness

I invite you to use this guided meditative journey in whatever ways work best for you. You can have a friend ...
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How Do I Know If I’m On the Path or Have Fallen Off?

by Ron Pevny I recently had a conversation with a woman who has participated in two of our Choosing Conscious ...
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The Inner Work of Conscious Eldering

On one of the Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreats that I lead, a participant in her early 60’s said something that ...
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What We Believe Shapes How We Age

What do you believe your later years will look like?  Many of us never even think about the beliefs we ...
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