A Feather on Your Wings

by Katia Petersen

“Grandma, do you believe in Angels?” “Of course I do, she replied” “How do you know they exist and how do I become an Angel I ask?” “Well, I know they exist in my heart, and by looking at the miracles around us, like the sun rising every day giving us a new beginning, plants and trees coming back to life after the winter, the rain that nurtures our earth, a butterfly coming out of a cocoon in all its beauty, and so much more. All you have to do is pay attention. As for earning your angel wings, it happens one feather at a time, by doing things that touch people’s lives in special ways, and help you be a better person.” At that moment I declared that I would start earning my angel wings, and she gently reminded me that it takes a lifetime to do that. From that day on, she guided me to keep my heart and mind open, to listen deeply, to pay attention to what goes on around me, to listen without judgment, to love fully, and look for goodness in every human being. She explained that there will be challenging times, but also joy, and it will take courage to keep moving forward. All I had to do was trust my intuition and ask for helpalong the way.”

Thinking back, I believe, that special moment in time, was a big, impactful snapshot in my life as an 8-year-old, who was curious about everything and asked a lot of questions, simply because I wanted to find answers. My grandma along with my parents, taught me about life through stories and by example. I was exposed to something I could not quite understand other than that it all felt right with my world when I was given the opportunity to learn and grow. It was years later that I realized the significance of that particular conversation with my grandmother as the beginning of my spiritual journey.

Early on in my childhood I begun to have sensory experiences, and premonitions through repetitive dreams, especially during challenging times. My grandmother and mother nurtured my intuitive side and taught me to respect it and use it as a guide for unexpected events. As I grew older and went deeper in my exploration of the divine, those sensory experiences increased, and my dreams became stronger and more active. I was no longer afraid or questioning any of it because I knew it was all a part of me and as natural as breathing.

As a teacher of Sage-ing (another name for conscious eldering) I have learned that if we wish to deepen our spirituality, it’s essential to pay attention to both our inner and outer work. Spirituality is one of the dimensions seeking to encourage the idea that goodness, kindness and a sense of hope can prevail in each of us regardless of where we happen to be on our journey. When we choose to show up energetically with the intention that we can generate a new way of being, we can actually shine our inner light, radiating a sense of wellness and positive outcomes.

As we evolve into conscious elderhood, although we cannot predict the future or understand what’s yet to come, we can choose to be open to new possibilities and the belief that we have the capacity to live life fully, making a difference in the world. As Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, whose work introduced Sage-ing to the world said, “Elders serve as conduits between the divine realm and the mundane world, making the abstract truths of spirituality accessible to the community by embodying them in their everyday behavior.”

Entering the threshold of my personal Sage-ing journey, I find myself needing space for things that matter to me right now. I am learning to pause and ground myself in the present moment. I look forward to quiet time to nurture my soul. I have a strong need for connection to a community, and I treasure time with my family and close friends. To help me stay present and aware, I deliberately use rituals that support my spiritual growth. I begin each day with an intention for the kind of day I want to live into and I meditate in order to quiet my mind so I can connect with my inner self. I attune to the energy around me and access my intuition as my guide as I navigate

And I end each day with a sense of gratitude for being given the gift of life.

At the end of each day, I have a practice of asking questions such as What am I not hearing or seeing? What have I learned from these particular experiences of today? What inspired me today? What shook up my world? What am I willing to do differently? How do I choose to embrace the unexpected? Such questions help mark both an ending of a day and the beginning of something new and priceless. I know that I am the author of my own story and have the power to choose my own narrative; the people in it, and all my dreams and wishes as I continue to live my life with purpose. I have so often seen that once I and others have clarity and believe in our story, the Universe has such an elegant way of aligning with us, by providing a sequence of events to support our deepest desires and hopes,

My desire is to be an active participant in all that I experience throughout my life. I am grateful to be on this spiritual journey, as I continue to earn my angel wings …….one feather at a time.

Katia Petersen plays a lead role in Sage-ing International, and is President of Petersen Argo Inc., an organization focusing on Transformational Leadership. She can be reached at katia.petersen57@gmail.com

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