Embracing Your Conscious Elderhood at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

August 12-16 at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

The third chapter of life presents us with unique opportunities to ripen into the fullness of our potential for emotional and spiritual growth. This time of life calls us to grow into the wholeness that throughout history has defined those recognized by their communities as elders. The rich possibilities for fulfillment, the important inner work, and the challenges of a conscious, intentional approach to our aging are the themes of this highly experiential introduction to conscious eldering, which will draw upon the practices of conscious eldering and wisdom and practices from the three Transforming Aging Summits hosted by Ron Pevny.
Together, we will explore five foundational elements that are key to fulfilling our potential as elders: Belief, Release of the Past, Purpose, Community, and Spiritual Deepening.  The three stage dynamic of the life transition process will be the thread that weaves together these elements into an empowering vision of elderhood for these critical times when the passion, wisdom, and service of true elders are urgently needed.
Workshop and registration information will be available at www.eomega.org beginning March 1st.
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