Transforming Your Story of Aging

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  1. -I just “happened” upon this website and was so taken with it. I am 81 and find that indeed old age is the best age in many ways. I truly believe having purpose is of major importance and I found mine years ago. Once you find it, it won’t let you go if it is a passion of yours. When I was 30 I became obsessed with learning about health and what creates it. Wow! I have learned so much, wrote columns for 25 years and now live in a community of people over 55. I also do not want to isolate myself. I believe in having fun and my goal is to help others have fun as I lead line dance and yoga! The only downside to aging that I have found is seeing loved ones be sick and die. I believe human beings WILL have purpose. If you don’t have a positive purpose, you will have a negative one–like being sick. Nature does not tolerate a vacuum. Conscious living means to me listening to your heart in quiet time and following that lead that you will be given. Life is good!

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