Our Collective Hero’s Journey

by Ron Pevny During our recent May Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreat at Ghost Ranch, one of the participants, who is a professional astrologer, told us about the astrological forces that will be strongly influencing humanity in the next several months. I don’t know enough about astrology to accurately write about… Continue reading

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The Center for Conscious Eldering sends newsletters to subscribers on a quarterly basis. In these newsletters, we share details of upcoming programs, news, and articles that will improve your life. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive upcoming issues. You can also read our most recent newsletters here on the website.… Continue reading

On Elder Activism

by John Sorenson “Houston, we have a problem!” This was the message from three astronauts 52 years ago, as their spacecraft had a life-threatening design failure on its way to the Moon. I was a member of the Apollo engineering team that responded to that call for help. Today, within… Continue reading

A Feather on Your Wings

by Katia Petersen “Grandma, do you believe in Angels?” “Of course I do, she replied” “How do you know they exist and how do I become an Angel I ask?” “Well, I know they exist in my heart, and by looking at the miracles around us, like the sun rising… Continue reading