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Living My Elderhood Intentionally

by Steve Heaviland In September, 2023 the associate pastor of my church and I started a “Sages and Souls” class, meeting every other week in small groups. We share our lives and reflect on questions from several books on a variety of topics related to aging and eldering. There is… Continue reading

A Message

By Anne Wennhold !   The Vermont sunshine blanketed me with its golden warmth as I climbed onto the sandy bank of the swimming hole. Glorious day! I shook my head flinging water drops into the still air. Reaching for the towel I saw a small transparent spiral curled up… Continue reading

Turning Points

4th Tuesday monthly, 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time March 2023 through February, 2024 In partnership with Sage-ing International, we are pleased to announce a unique new program, Turning Points, a 12-session interview series featuring 12 thought leaders whose wisdom has inspired and supported a great many people in finding one’s sense… Continue reading

On Elder Activism

by John Sorenson “Houston, we have a problem!” This was the message from three astronauts 52 years ago, as their spacecraft had a life-threatening design failure on its way to the Moon. I was a member of the Apollo engineering team that responded to that call for help. Today, within… Continue reading