Be a Mountain

By Wendy Dudley “I Am Mountain. I Am Ocean. I Am Sky. I am Sun. I am Moon. I am Pachamama, Mother Earth.” Standing at the Highwood Pass in the northern stretch of the Rocky Mountain Cordillera in Alberta, Canada, I spread my wings, declaring who I Am, and also… Continue reading

Aging and Unfolding

by Ron Pevny If you are reading these words, you likely are a person for whom the fulfillment of your potential in your later life chapters is a priority. You are someone who feels in your heart that your aging can be a journey of ripening—of reaching the pinnacle of… Continue reading

May Ghost Ranch Retreat

  Join us for Choosing Conscious Elderhood at Ghost Ranch on May 1 @ 4:00 pm – May 7 @ 1:30 pm 2022. It is in the natural world that we can most easily remember that which is authentic and natural in ourselves, and thus gain an eagle’s eye view of our… Continue reading

When You’ve Lost Your Way

The Wisdom of Returning to the Desert by Charles Ortloff My two experiences in the wilderness with Ron Pevny and Anne Wennhold have been nothing less than life changing. The first was in 2016 and the second in 2019, one month before I retired. Nine months after my second experience,… Continue reading

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The Center for Conscious Eldering sends newsletters to subscribers on a quarterly basis. In these newsletters, we share details of upcoming programs, news, and articles that will improve your life. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive upcoming issues. You can also read our most recent newsletters here on the website.… Continue reading